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Why Exhibit

Introduction to a new audience

Highlighting Wellness Consultants, Healing Practitioners, Fitness Businesses, Wellness Brands, Health Influencers, and Industry Professionals at the 7th Dharte presents Fashionablyin Fashion, Lifestyle & Wellness Event. Showcasing a diverse array of Brands, Manufacturers, and Service Providers in the wellness and fashion sector


Global Exposure

Showcase Your Brand / Company / Practice Globally. Amplify Impact and Reach. Champion Sustainability Initiatives. Establish Connections with Wellness Consultants to Drive Business Growth and Gain Clients through Referral Commissions


Effective Networking

Elevate your business through Dharte Conciergeorganized B2B meetings. Network strategically, connecting with pioneers for socially conscious marketing, impactful demonstrations, and lifestyle opportunities to inspire future generations.


12 key destinations

Dharte is a hub for the most desired trends and well-being, providing inspiration through twelve essential categories. These include Fashion, Beauty, Sustainability, EcoLiving, Spirituality, Healing, Medicine, Wellness, Travel, Arts, Nutrition, and Entertainment.

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