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My brand, Diya Mehta Clothing, embodies the essence of 'Stylised Comfort.' I strive to maintain clean, unembellished cuts in my designs, allowing each garment to be a canvas for individual styling and personal expression. Our collections are meticulously crafted in limited editions, fostering a sense of uniqueness and individuality. I firmly believe that comfort breeds confidence, and fashion should be a reflection of one's identity. While designers envision clothes, it's the wearers who bring them to life, making a personal statement.

Tie and Dye holds a special place in my heart, and Mulmul fabric is exceptionally well-suited for our climate, inspiring much of our work. The lightweight nature of Mulmul complements the fall of my designs, making it a versatile choice year-round.

My passion for design stems from a deep desire to create beauty, both for oneself and one's living spaces. Although I lack formal design training, my previous experience in production design within the advertising industry honed my attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection. Growing up in an elegant and graceful home further refined my sense of color and texture coordination. The magic of fabrics, the synergy between prints and colors, and the transformation of garments on the human body continue to fascinate me. Ultimately, the true test of a design's success lies in how it makes someone feel when they wear it.

While the subtle details I incorporate may not always catch the eye at first glance, a closer look reveals the nuances—a hint of color, a delicate stitch on the neckline, or a hidden layer of fabric. In the words of Bihu Mohapatra, 'I want my clothes to make women feel more of who they are instead of becoming someone else,' encapsulating the essence of my design philosophy."


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  • October 2, 2023


  • Abhijeet Bhatkar
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