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House of Avida: Crafting Timeless Designs with a Purposeful Mission

Welcome to House of Avida, the Danish brand that believes in crafting exclusive and timeless designs with a purposeful mission. Founded on the principles of sustainability and social responsibility, House of Avida stands out in the fashion industry for its commitment to creating clothes that last for years while giving back to society.

At House of Avida, they focus on working with suppliers with high standards, using materials that not only look good, but are also durable and eco-friendly. The brand's philosophy is to create garments that don't end up in landfills but are cherished as family heirlooms. In this way, House of Avida is redefining luxury fashion, not only in terms of design and quality, but also in terms of environmental impact.

In addition to its sustainable approach, House of Avida has also created the House of Avida Fund, which supports individuals and projects that positively impact society. For each sale, 1% is donated to the foundation, transforming the brand's purpose into a tangible action.

House of Avida's online store provides buyers the opportunity to purchase their exclusive designs either as a private customer or a retailer. The company is located in Copenhagen, and each garment is manufactured in Europe, using only the highest quality materials.

One noteworthy aspect of House of Avida's marketing and branding is their use of ordinary people to showcase their clothes. You'll find most of their pictures featuring individuals who are not models or celebrities. The brand's first fashion show was entirely on purpose, featuring ordinary people, musicians, and a few professional models walking the catwalk. This approach speaks to the brand's philosophy of inclusivity, making exclusive designs accessible to all who appreciate quality and purpose.

The sizes of the clothes are mostly European, and if they aren't suitable for other markets, an additional cost is levied when adaptations are added to individual sizes.

In a recent statement, the founder expressed gratitude to the customers who support the brand's purpose to create garments that are sustainable and socially responsible. By purchasing a House of Avida garment, not only are the customers making a fashion statement, but they are also making a positive impact on the world.

House of Avida's focus on creating sustainable, timeless designs with a focus on social responsibility is an inspiration to the fashion industry. With their mission of creating premium designs that will stand the test of time, they have established themselves as one of the leading brands in the luxury fashion market.

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