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The Menswear SS25 Trends Unveiled by Edwin van den Hoek: A Sustainable Future

The Menswear segment has always been deemed to be fairly conservative with lesser experimentation when compared to the Womenswear and Couture segments. Nevertheless, with the fourth industrial revolution driving a wave of innovation and experimentation, the Menswear segment for SS25 has taken an unanticipated turn with sustainability at the center. Edwin van den Hoek, the Dutch trend forecaster, highlights some of these trends in his recent seminar.

Handmade Trend - Upcycling to the Rescue

Van den Hoek focuses on the need to get rid of the "throwaway" clothing culture and move towards upcycling and reuse. The "Handmade" trend features clothing made from deadstock and reused materials, embellished with patchwork and individual parts stitched together to extend the garment's life. Different cultures and their unique handmade skills are also celebrated in this trend. Chulaap's Afrocentric clothing showcased during the SS24 show is a fitting example of the trend.

Artificial Trend: Ergonomics and New Shapes

The "Artificial" trend is all about how technology can revolutionize the fashion industry. With garments designed for the body, ergonomics is a critical aspect of the trend, reflected in the pieces' futuristic look. QR codes are being developed for clothing tags to ensure product transparency. Light neutral colors dominate the trend, with multi-pockets coming in handy to carry multiple items. Finally, AI-generated outfits that mimic the balaclava and mouthpiece are unique additions to the trend.

Advanced Trend: Sustainability Is Style

Sustainability is gaining significant traction in the fashion industry. The "Advanced" trend addresses sustainability concerns, calling out the problems associated with the fast fashion industry. It prioritizes new eco-friendly fabrics like algae, fungi, and hemp that reduce fashion waste and use less of the planet's resources. Designers are taking note of the trend, with runway garments reflecting a soft nature-inspired palette. Louis Vuitton and Moschino's use of block prints and intense colors and Gucci's use of graphics continue to inspire and showcase the trend.

Seductive Trend: A Blurring of Boundaries

The "Seductive" trend is an extension of the blurring of boundaries between male and female clothing, popularized during FW24. The trend features lace, previously viewed as a feminine fabric, with your work and mesh fabrics. It also features deep V-necked shirts, beaded garments, sequins, and glitter, highlighting the playful tone of the theme. Dior and DSquared2's runway pieces are examples of the trend's bold colors and detail.

With these trends, Edwin van den Hoek hopes to inspire sustainable fashion while fostering creativity. It is a popular belief that creativity thrives in times of uncertainty, and the fashion industry is evidence of this. It has adapted well to the current challenges, ultimately pushing innovation and sustainability to the forefront.

References :- Edwin van den Hoek , Moschino

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